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An Open Door

Within the center of Santiago de los Caballeros exists a center for children who work daily in the streets to maintain their basic needs. Acción Callejera’s mission is to uphold the basic rights of children by providing a space for academic, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Before coming to Acción Callejera, many of these kids have never or scarcely had access to education, sports, or a supportive community. Open during the weekdays, Acción Callejera provides a small sanctuary for these kids to leave their work and daily stresses behind to learn, play, and feel equal respect as a human being.

-Gaby Salazar Kitner

University of Oregon

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This is what I call the idea of spreading happiness... a beautiful human endeavor for making the society brighter and better :) We can figure the amount of happiness in the magnitude of their smile. Thanks for promoting a noble cause, it means a lot.

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