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Sense of Community at Community School of Arturo Jimenes, One Respe

 The community at la Escuela Comunitaria Arturo Jimenes (Arturo Jimenes Community School) is comprised of several classrooms full of children, from maternal care to fourth grade; their dedicated teachers; and a staff of other adults work to keep the school running. Amidst this human community, many relationships form both within and beyond categories. When a groundsman displays a special bond with a first grader, the same trio of second graders are seen daily holding hands in the yard, and a kindergartener visits her third-grade sister each day in class, it is evident that the sense of community here transcends formal classroom rosters and work/play dichotomies. It is also clear that the very geography of the school, the place and what it means to the children and adults who spend their time there, contributes handily to the sense of community. The ways students, teachers, and staff interact with each other and their environment provide a look into this unique community’s identity.

-Amy Lebowitz

Macalester College

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